Project of Czech – Austrian high preasure gas interconnection pipeline.

Where and When

The MOZART gas pipeline will connect the Czech and Austrian gas systems.
It will be part of the Northern and Southern junction of the European gas network.
The length of the MOZART gas pipeline is 90 km and the construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.

About The Project

Project MOZART GAS PIPELINE SE was established in 2009 accordance with the broader intentions of our group to invest in development projects in the gas industry of the Czech Republic.

Besides better security and reliability of natural gas supplies to the Czech Republic and Austria and making effective use of two parallel transport routes of NET4GAS and WAG, the main goal of MOZART GAS PIPELINE SE is to reinforce the Czech gas market liquidity as a precondition for the newly liberalized market to become more attractive to traders. Specifically, it is the preparation and execution of the MOZART GAS PIPELINE project of a new high-pressure natural gas transport pipeline to interconnect the Czech and the Austrian gas systems in the north-south direction.

Both countries are keen to have this connection as the conditions in both the national markets as well as elsewhere in Europe have changed dramatically. The share of long-term contracts decreases. Most deals are concluded on the spot market, which requires a very fast response. The new pipeline will add to such a fast response and at the end of the day, it may result in reducing natural gas prices for end customers.

The MOZART GAS PIPELINE will connect the Czech backbone pipeline to a similar major OMV pipeline in Austria with access to the European natural gas transport route through the south route. This will contribute to the potential of the Czech Republic and Austria to become a major cross-road of traditional and new natural gas transport routes.

The route of the new pipeline with a diameter of 500mm will be almost 100km long. The current market situation suggests that natural gas should flow both ways. 

Gas pipeline construction work might be commenced within four years after making the necessary agreements between the parties involved and the national transport system operators. MOZART GAS PIPELINE SE. expects the development costs to amount to CZK 1.5 billion approximately.

It is the Czech Republic where Rock&Land Corporations see prospects and opportunities for building up a high-liquidity environment as the Czech Republic has a strategic position just on the backbone transit pipeline from Russia. Neighbouring with the recently integrated business environment of Germany is another advantage. As yet the Czech market has been rather hindered by a very limited number of cross-border connections to the neighbouring gas networks (Lanžhot, Waidhaus, and Hora svaté Kateřiny) and the dominant role of the owner of the transit transport network.

The Czech-Austrian cross-border connection has becoming more and more important with regard to the integration processes underway or those planned by the European Union and the changes within the Visegrad Four. What is of major importance is the project of integrating the Czech, the Slovak, and the Austrian markets to form a single market with a single point of sale, which would be certain to increase the attractiveness, security, and reliability of any of the three national markets.

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